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What you see is what you get , because what you eat is what you become, and its true to many, which is why it is important to pair up exercise with a good  diet plan.

Whether your goal is losing weight or gaining that gym sculpted look, a well planned and balanced diet is essential to achieving maximum results.

Bolt Fitness Training has designed the  ultimate diet plan package for guaranteed results!

The diet plan package consists of 4 vital steps:

Step 1: Kitchen clear out and nutritional advice (1 Hour Session)

We will remove all danger foods and fluids from your home.  Throw them out or give them away.  Over the course of our time together I will help you stay motivated to keep these foods and fluids out of the house.

During this process I will give you all the nutritional advice needed to give you a great head start.

Step 2: Supermarket shop (1 Hour Session)

Now that we have removed all the junk from your home it is time to replenish the stock with a well balanced meal plan that will help you achieve optimum health and the body you have always desired.

Step 3: Set up a generic calorie counter app (1 Hour Session)

Study after study have confirmed the benefits of keeping track of the food and fluids you consume and exercise you take.  The more consistently you track your food and fluid intake the more likely you are to lose weight or gain lean mass.

I will show you how to log your meals in as quickly and easily as possible.

Step 4: Record Body composition measurements every 7 days

By recording body composition measurements every 7 day days we can check the amazing results you will be seeing on a regular basis.

Combining your training with this diet plan package you are guaranteed maximum results

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